Life is short, make good choices. Vegas Active Travel Guide’s website will help you make excellent choices on all things Vegas. The website content and recommendations are being updated daily by local tour guides to keep you informed of all the activities, tours, must see places to visit and help you plan and book your vacation to Las Vegas.

Vegas Active Travel Guide’s team selects things to do in Las Vegas based on the preferences of the active traveler. Therefore, before we recommend things to do in Las Vegas, we test the tours, restaurants and activities to make sure all is perfect to ensure your best time in Las Vegas. Our objective is to take out the frustration and time of choosing a location and planning your adventure holiday, so you don’t have to guess where to go, what to see and what to do. Use your precious time wisely; at home planning your trip and once in Las Vegas, use your mobile phone to guide you to a wonderful Las Vegas experience.

Vegas Active Travel Guide provides you with insider tips on the best things to do, place to see, and restaurants to visit, organized for adults, children and families. Just search for family friendly activities and enjoy the best Vegas offers. All of our “Insider Tips” come from our local and international community of Vegas Explorers.
Our goal is to help the discerning clients who appreciate value for their money and demand quality, and want more than only the Las Vegas Strip experience. The possibilities for the active and adventure traveler are truly endless in Las Vegas. Plan your trip with Vegas Active Travel Guide.com website to help guide you to the best experience possible.

Notice: Many of the adventures and activities covered in this website are actions or sports that carry significant risk of personal injury or death.
Vegas Active Travel Guide and all of its vendors does not recommend that anyone participate in these activities unless they are fully aware about the risks and are willing to personally assume all responsibility associated with those risks.

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