Anthony Cools The Uncensored Hypnotist Reserve!

Here is one fun Vegas show that’s hard to believe!

Quitting smoking in Las Vegas. Eating less buffets. Any one want psychotherapy? Where’s the fun in that? This show is a blast. So much fun and maybe reality too. Go see for yourself.

Paris brings out the risqué in people and hypnotist Anthony Cools is here to uphold that allure. He uses his comedy hypnosis skills for sinful purposes. He’s good at tapping into the carnal desires and
subconscious naughtiness of his audience, eliminating inhibitions with entertaining results inside the Anthony Cools Showroom.

Signature stunts in the hilariously interactive 90-minute show include handshakes that induce shocking responses, as well as several other scandalous tricks. Because of the small theater, audience participation is encouraged.

Watch the swinging pocket watch. You are getting sleepy, very sleepy. Sure that might be what a hypnotist connotes, but Anthony Cools The Uncensored Hypnotist is anything but a typical hypnotist show. There is definitely hypnotism, but the unthinkable and hilarious acts that he persuades people to do on stage result in a night of good, clean, dirty fun.” “You will be a star tonight,” warns the screen hanging on both sides of the stage, letting everyone in attendance know that the real performers in this show are the people who are brave enough to be hypnotized.

In his intimate performance space, Cools stuns his audiences five nights a week with his unique and twisted comedy, always looking for his next lucky participant.


This Vegas show is ideal for couples and date nights. It is the longest-running hypnotist show in Vegas ever! Cool thing about the show is the willing audience participants get hypnotized, so you can be in the show! Remember, it is never the same show twice.

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