Self-driving directions to Grand Canyon’s South Rim from Las Vegas, NV.

Best way to maximize your day trip from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon’s South Rim National Park.

First tip of the day, skip breakfast and leave Las Vegas at 6:00am.

1. Take Las Vegas Blvd (The Strip) direction south and stop at the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas Sign” Why? Early morning visit (perfect sun position) allows you to take best photos with very short or no wait times at this famous Las Vegas landmark.

2. Continue on Las Vegas Blvd (The Strip) direction south and take the highway 215 East (Interstate) direction Boulder City, Nevada. It will be on the left side of Las Vegas Blvd.

3. Follow road signs to Boulder City (Hoover Dam). It’s about 35 minutes’ drive. After you reach Boulder City, follow road sign directions to the Hoover Dam.

4. Now plan your next stop at Hoover Dam Lodge. You will see it when you see Lake Mead driving down entering Lake Mead National Recreation Park on hill left side of road. Here you have breakfast at the café or buy a coffee at the Hoover Dam Lodge, gift shop. It offers a fantastic café with great prices. The Hoover Dam Lodge was built in 1932, but fully renovated in 2015. Here is the next insider tip for Hoover Dam; inside the lobby of Hoover Dam Lodge is the best free Hoover Dam exhibition in the area. Enjoy it, you, your friends and family will get a great sense of the enormous achievement the construction of the Hoover Dam accomplished. Also, great place to use the restrooms and get good coffee at the gift shop.

5. Now drive to Hoover Dam. It should take about 10 mins from the Hoover Dam Lodge’s parking lot. Drive across the Hoover Dam to the Arizona side and park. You should spend about 20-30 mins viewing the dam and talking photos.

6. ONLY IF YOU HAVE EXTRA TIME! Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge overlook, you can stop there for photos, but only for 10 mins. Walk up the stairs on to the bridge.
To get back from the Hoover Dam, AZ parking to Kingman, Arizona, you must drive back the same way you came; The Pat Tillman Bridge overlook parking lot will be on your left. You will see the parking lot on your left side. Park and walk up the steps to get on the Bridge. You will have fantastic views of the Colorado River, Hoover Dam and more.

7. Now get back on the Highway direction Kingman, AZ. It’s AZ Route 93 East. You will cross over the Colorado River, but from the road on the bridge you can’t see anything.

(Note: if you want to go shooting, on the left side of highway, you will see Burgers and Shooting place. There you can even shoot a 20 caliber sniper rifle.)

8. When you arrive in Kingman, immediately get in left lane and take Interstate 40 East direction Flagstaff, AZ and or Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO.

9. After Seligman, AZ drive Route 66 East. Then back on the Interstate Highway 40 direction Williams, AZ. This is your last stop before driving to the Grand Canyon National Park. Only Stop if you need Gas for car. Buy gasoline for your car in Williams, AZ. At the Circle K Store. The price for gas or diesel is much cheaper than at the Grand Canyon.

On the way to Grand Canyon, ONLY STOP AT SELIGMAN if you are good on time, if you stop at Seligman, AZ Route 66, expect to spend 30 minutes. Roadrunner Café is the best place to use the bathroom, buy t-shirts, get a snack, or even a coffee. Also, great WIFI and the password is PeepPeep.

10. Then follow Route 66 East to Interstate 40, direction Williams, AZ. From Williams, AZ you will drive to Grand Canyon, about 60 miles, or 100km. After you enter the Grand Canyon National Park, drive directly to the Visitor Center and park the car. At the Visitor Center you can start your Grand Canyon sightseeing and photo adventure tour. Check out wonderful views at Mather Point.

You can get on the free shuttle bus and go to Bright Angel Lounge. There you should hike down in the Grand Canyon on the Bright Angel Trail. Leave the Grand Canyon 2 hours before sunset! Driving in dark on the country roads is very dangerous. Many wild animals come out at night and might hit a Deer, Antelope and Elk.

I would recommend if you feel tired driving back to Las Vegas you get a room to sleep at Seligman, AZ. If you do stay there in a Motel, there is a good place to get a beer called the Black Cat Bar.

You must leave your HOTEL in Las Vegas at 5:30 am. It will be a little dark still but okay! No later! Tips on driving, you can safely drive +5 mph over the posted speed limit signs. So, when it says 65 MPH you can drive 70mph.

5:30 am Leave Hotel
5:40 am Arrive “Welcome to Las Vegas Sign” Take photos!
5:50 am Drive to Hoover Dam Lodge Hotel
6:40 Arrive at Hoover Dam Lodge Hotel get coffee use bathroom and see free exhibit
7:00 am Leave hotel and drive to Hoover Dam
7:15 Arrive at Hoover Dam, AZ side parking-lot, take photos and go.
7:30 Leave for Kingman, AZ
8:30 Arrive Kingman, NO STOPS KEEP DRIVING, next stop Seligman, AZ
9:40 Arrive in Seligman, AZ Stop at Roadrunner 66 Café Coffee, bathroom, photos and t-shirts
9:55 Leave Seligman, drive to Williams, AZ ONLY STOP IN WILLIAMS FOR GAS
11:25 Arrive to Grand Canyon National Park. Park car at Visitor Center, You can get information in Spanish at the time you pay. Get foreign language National Park Map too. It will explain all to you. Walk behind Visitor Center to Mather Point. Excellent Views of Grand Canyon. Then walk along the South Rim Trail direction Hopi House. Then walk to the Bright Angel Trail, walk 15 mins down in the Grand Canyon. Then take Shuttle bus back to Visitor Center to get your car and drive to Hotel or back to Las Vegas. Timing: You will need from Bright Angel Lodge to Visitor center 30 mins on Shuttle Bus. If you need a hotel at Grand Canyon, Tusayan, AZ. Best place is called Red Feather Lodge. More info:


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