Las Vegas Transportation Options

Now you have arrived in Vegas, what are the best ways to get around? If you are traveling up and down the Las Vegas Strip and plan on visiting Downtown (Fremont Street Experience) why not take the local city bus? The local strip bus is called the “Deuce.”  The Deuce is a double-decker bus, and gives you a great view of the Las Vegas Strip. From the top level you get unique views of Las Vegas Strip. The cost is as little as $6.00 for a 2-hour pass. Just buy a 24 hour pass for $8.00 and you will be most satisfied.

Your options for transportation depends on how many people are in your group. For parties of 2 or more, the best deals are taking a taxi. Taxis in Vegas charge the same price for 1-5 people. There are no taxis that can take 6 or more people in Las Vegas. If you have more than 5 people in your group, the next best value is taking a Limo.

If coming from the Airport, the average taxi fares are between $18.00 and $27.00 one-way depending on where you go. Beware, you will be charged an EXTRA fare of $2.00 airport tax for loading the taxi at the airport.  Special note about taking an Airport Shuttle Bus! The average cost for the shuttle buses for a round trip is $14.00, but you will wait for the shuttle at the airport, and stop at many hotels getting to your hotel. Time is money, and after a long flight you don’t need to take a 1 to 2 hour ride to your hotel. Take a taxi, if your group is small, ask a few other people in the taxi-line to share the cost of a taxi to your hotel. It’s fast and very cost effective.

Airport shuttles transportation companies to and from the Las Vegas McCarran Airport. We list all the shuttle companies and approximate prices.

Big Bus Tours offers a great way to move around Las Vegas and get local information from certified tour-guides! HIGHLY recommended! Try it!

Local City Buses in Las Vegas

Las Vegas RTC Strip and all access pass fares:

2-Hr. Strip all Access Pass . Good for unlimited rides in a 2 hour period.  $6.00 24-Hr. Strip all Access Pass good for unlimited rides in a 24 hour period.  $8.00  3-Day Strip all Access Pass good for unlimited rides in a 72 hour period.  $20.00

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Taxis are plentiful in Las Vegas. Whether you are at the airport or on the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll have lots of options. We’ve included the phone numbers for the our recommended local cab companies, Yellow Cab, Checker Cab and Star Cab, so you are staying at a location off the Las Vegas Strip, you will need to order a Taxi 15 to 30 minutes before you need it.  Yellow/Checker/Star Cab Companies Hotline Number: +1.702.873.2000

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